Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farm Commodities-Trendlines+Trading+Targets

-market=where supply/demand is being priced
-trendline joins (lows=uptrend) (highs=dntrend)=relative strength 
-move=direction=using range of high and low prices
-trading=occurring in+relative to-width of high/low price range
-targets-price projections (up) or (dn) in the direction trading

Corn-  users+resellers-less net short, non users-less net long
trendline-(up)+open interest-(dn)+supply-(un)  =less bullish
trading-(up)-crossed t/line resistance+closed above 500+acceleration-
targets, 453-469-500-532                          =less bearish
Wheat-  users+resellers-same net short, non users-less net long
trendline- (dn)+open interest-(dn)+supply-(up)  =bearish
trading-(dn)-closed above t/line+net buying+deceleration-
targets, 562-650-700-751                        =bearish
Soybeans- users+resellers-less net short, non users-less net long
trendline-(up/less so)+open interest (dn)+supply-(dn)  =less bullish
trading-(dn)-crossed t/line support+selling to 1473+deceleration
targets, 1446-1473-1527-1581               =less bearish             
Cdlr-  commercials-less net long, non commercials-less net short
trendline-(dn)+open interest-(flat)           =bearish
trading-(dn)-below t/line resistance+net selling+acceleration-
targets 9091-8914-8618-8382                  =bearish
Heating oil-  users+resellers less net short-non users less net long         
trendline-(up/tested)+open interest-(up)   =less bullish
trading-(dn)-crossed t/line support+matched orders+acceleration
targets 289-295-306-317                          =less bullish


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