Monday, May 04, 2015

Markets: price supply-demand during relative strength trading
Trends: join prices, highs with highs, lows with lows, giving direction
Trading: daily move, momentum, activity, prevailing strength
Targets: projected price objectives of trends and trading
CORN: 30 cent daily trading limit
Trends: price-down, open interest-up, volume-moderate, supply-up
Trading: down, decelerating, net selling, support@359+minor trend
Targets: 419-392-385-373-359-347         versus trend=oversold
Commitments-net change: users divested short, funds invested short
SOYBEANS: 70 cent daily trading limit
Trends: price-flat, open interest-down, volume-moderate, supply-flat
Trading: flat, constant, buying, support@959+old low+@higher low
Targets: 1087-1014-985-959-917-883      versus trend=oversold
Commitments-net change: users-divested long, funds-divested short
WHEAT: 40 cent daily limit
Trends: price-down, open interest-flat, volume-low, supply-flat
Trading: down, decelerated, offset buying, through+test-bottom@478
Targets: 677-606-598-558-553-511-478    versus trend=as resistance
Commitments-net change: users-divested short, funds-invested short
CANADIAN DOLLAR/USD: 4.00 dollar daily limit
Trends: price-up/less, open interest-down, volume-low
Trading: flat, decelerated, buying, holding to trend as support
Targets: 7781-8048-8250-8365-8406-8719 versus trend=on trend
Commitments-net change: users-invested short, funds-invested long
HEATING OIL (ULSD): 25 cent daily limit
Trends: price-up, open interest-down, volume-moderate
Trading: up, decelerated, offset buying-drifted from resistance@trend
Targets: 159-187-214-232-269-306              versus trend=struggling
Commitments:-net change: users-invested short, funds-invested long
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