Tuesday, June 09, 2015

MARKETS: price supply-demand during relative strength trading
TRENDS: direction, lines joining highs, lines joining lows=channels
TRADING: daily move, momentum, activity, prevailing strength
TARGETS: projected price objectives of daily moves.
CORN: 30 cent daily trading limit    
TRENDS: Prices-up, open interest-up, volume-up, supply-down
TRADING: Move-up-Decelerating-Offset-2ND-Consecutive test of resistance at 364        
TARGETS: 348-357-364-369-380-390  
Commitments-net change: small-invested long, funds-invested short
SOYBEANS: 70 cent daily trading limit     
TRENDS: prices-up, open interest-flat, volume-up, supply-up
TRADING: Move-up-Accelerating-Net - Buying 2ND consecutive test of resistance at 950
TARGETS: 920-937-950-960-980-999
Commitments-net change: users-invested short, funds-invested long
WHEAT: 40 cent daily limit                  
TRENDS: prices-up, open interest-up, volume-up, supply-up
TRADING: Move-up - Decelerated - Near offset -To test resistance at top of channel
Targets: 461-491-513-531-566-601  
Commitments-net change: users-invested short, funds-divested short
CANADIAN DOLLAR/USD: 4.00 dollar daily limit-   
TRENDS: prices-up, open interest-up, volume-up
TRADING: move-up, accelerated, net buying, through resistance at 8049   
TARGETS: 7781-8049-8250-8406-8719-9031            
Commitments-net change: users-divested short, funds-invested short
HEATING OIL (ULSD): 25 cent daily limit   
TRENDS: prices-down, open interest-up, volume-up
TRADING: move up-accelerated-buying-testing through resistance at 189  
TARGETS: 206-194-189-185-178-172           
Commitments-net change: users-divested long, funds-divested short
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